Build A Life You Love

Encouraging People with Physical Disabilities to…Pursue their Passions!

About Rena!

Educator, writer and award winner Rena Nikou is a vibrant woman living with Cerebral Palsy. In 2007 she became an entrepreneur and created “Just Believe” Seminars. During each seminar, participants were encouraged to celebrate their successes and to always dream BIG! Rena’s first love is writing. She is now sharing her lived experiences in blogs and hopes to show the many ways a person with a disability can live their best life!

In Loving Memory

Raising a child with a disability, Rena’s parents Elizabeth and Steve chose to focus on their daughter’s abilities. Their love and encouragement helped Rena develop a positive self image and gain the confidence to build a wonderful life for herself. “Mom and Dad thank you for believing in my capabilities and for teaching me to always Dream BIG! Your beautiful spirit continues to live on in the eyes of all your children.”

- Rena

Our Precious Gift

“When my younger brother told our family that he was excepting his first child, our sorrow over losing our parents was replaced with joy. We were so excited to meet the newest member of the Nikou clan. My little man (as I like to call him) is a blessing and a gift from our loved ones in heaven, letting us know that out of darkness can come light. May God Bless you forever little man for the Lord has truly blessed us with the gift of you!”

- Rena