Living My Best Life

Rena was very proud to be a bridesmaid at her brother John’s wedding

Rena worked at a summer camp as a Life Skils Trainer in 2001

In 1995, family and friends gathered to celebrate Steve and Elizabeth’s 25th wedding anniversary. Rena along with her brothers John and Michael organized the event.

Rena finds swimming very relaxing. It is also a great way to get some relief from the Vegas heat expecially on days when the tempature can cimb up to 40 degrees.

Elvis Presely is one of Rena’s favorite singers. In 2001, Rena had the chance to meet and take a photo with an Elvis performer.

In 1980, Rena and her family went to visit relatives in Greece. Grandma Paula thought it would be fun for Rena and Johnny to ride the family “pet” around the village.

In spring of 2007, Rena tried Go-Kart racing for the first time with her friend Melissa. “It was a great experience and so much fun!”

During the summer months, Rena likes to visit some of Toronto’s tourist attractions such as Pioneer Village.

Rena celebrated her 40th birthday in Niagara Falls on a beauitful winter’s day with her good friends.

While on holidays, Rena enjoys going to see the all male revue show “Thunder from Down Under”

On weekends Rena looks forward to spending quality time with her nephew. “My little man is a true blessing and a precious gift from God. He has filled our lives with such joy!”

In 1996, Rena had a fanstatic time during a weekend trip to Altantic City with her cousins.