Seminar Photos

Rena is available to facilitate educational seminars at schools, community agencies and for conferences. Below are some pictures of Rena’s recent speaking engagements.

Below are photos of presentations that were held at agencies and schools during 2012 and 2016

March of Dimes - Dream Big Seminar

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I liked how the workshop had some discussion and videos were also shown. ~ participant in the LIFE Toronto program, March 2015

Rena delivered the Dream BIG seminar for young adults enrolled in a life skills program at March of Dimes. The youth were asked to share some of their achievements as a way of increasing confidence in their ability to pursue their dreams and build a life they love!

“Good conversation starter about goal setting and dreams” ~ Instructor for the LIFE Toronto program at the Ontario March of Dimes

Tobias House Resource Centre - Dream Big Seminar


I have realized that it is possible to reach my full potential by having confidence in myself and in my capabilities!~ workshop participant, February 2015

Several people living with mobility disabilities attended the Dream BIG workshop held at the Tobias House Resource Centre. Through group activities, participants learned effective strategies that can motivate an individual to embrace their abilities and live their best life!

Erin Oak Kids - Traveling Seminar


“I know now that a person living with a disability can go on a fun holiday. I also learned there are a variety of services available to help me travel with ease!” ~ youth participant, July 2014

Rena delivered the Traveling with a Disability seminar to youth participating in the Independent Living Program hosted by Erin Oak Kids. The young adults became confident in their ability to travel with an attendant as they practiced negotiation techniques.

Tobias House Resource Centre - Building Healthy Relationships with Attendants Seminar


I learned that patience and understanding can help build a healthy relationship with my attendants” ~ workshop participant

In June 2016, the Tobias House Resource Centre hosted a workshop for people who use attendant services. During this presentation, participants learned effective techniques for creating a comfortable environment when receiving personal assistance in their home and out in the community. Individuals attending workshops presented by Just Believe Seminars receive a free information package.

North Yorkers for Disabled Persons - Workshop Series


“Rena is an excellent educator! She shared her lived experiences to motivate participants to live a full life” ~ support staff

During the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016, Rena was invited to facilitate 3 educational presentations for students enrolled in the Communication Enrichment Program. During the “Dream BIG!” workshop videos were shown of people such as the late Professor Stephen Hawking who is non-verbal to demonstrate that a person living with a physical disability can make a significant contribution to society.

Tobias House Attendant Care Inc - Traveling Seminar


“ As a recipient of ODSP, learning useful techniques on how to save my money to pay for equipment rentals such as a Hoyer lift, makes me even more excited about going on relaxing vacation! ~ workshop participant, July 2014

A variety of seminars on the topic of Traveling have been held at Tobias House. As participants go through a budgeting activity, they learn successful ways of becoming financially prepared to pay for some expenses associated with traveling with a disability.

Victoria University – Navigating Through Our Education System Seminar

Victoria University


“Rena has a way of captivating the audience with her honesty and positivity!” ~ student in the School & Society course, October 2014

Since 2012, Rena has been a recurring guest speaker at Victoria University in the University of Toronto speaking to students who are enrolled in the School and Society program. During the seminar, Rena shares her personal experiences about navigating through the education system to provide future teachers some insight on the importance of encouraging students with disabilities to participate in class which can inspire a youth to succeed in school and in life.

“Rena encouraged my students to have high expectations of students with disabilities and to focus on their academic abilities!” ~ Dr. Temitope Aefarakan PhD: Lecturer: October 2014

Guest Lecturing at Victoria University in 2013


“By sharing her lived experience of public and higher education Rena gives my students a holistic perspective on schooling from the perspective of students with disabilities”~ Dr. Sheila Batacharya PhD, Lecturer

A video of Rena’s life experiences is shown during the lecture to demostrate the many ways a person living with a disabilty can achieve their dreams and live their best life!

“Insightful Presentation … Rena was comfortable sharing her life experiences with us and answered any questions we had!” ~ Student in the School & Society course: October, 2013

Speaking at Victoria University in 2012 - Navigating Through Our Education System Seminar


“I now see that access is not just about removing physical barriers, it also includes changing people’s perceptions about disability!” ~ Student in the School & Society program, October 2012

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