Just Believe Seminars

For 9 years (2007 to 2016), Rena developed and facilitated educational seminars that explored various aspects of life with a physical disability. Each presentation offered a personal perspective about independent living and discussed effective strategies for building a meaningful life! Rena also spoke to parents and educators providing some insight on how to best support a person with a disability in discovering their full potential.

Seminar topics included: When You Dream, Dream BIG! Traveling with a Disability; Building Healthy Relationships with Attendants



“As a presenter, Rena was well prepared. She used visual aids such as a display board and had notes up on a screen so participants could follow along.” ~ program staff at the Independent Living summer program

“Rena’s honesty and openness creates a comfortable environment for asking questions during her lectures”. ~ student

Presentations such as When You Dream, Dream BIG and Traveling with a Disability makes me see that I have the ability to live a full life” ~ workshop participant 2015

“Rena’s message was inspirational! I would strongly recommend her as a guest speaker for your community events or conferences” ~ Jamie Casto, Founder of The Abilities Ministries in Toronto.

A New Venture: In 2016, after nearly a decade of developing and delivering educational seminars, Rena decided to step away from public speaking. She is now using her love of writing as a platform to continue educating. Rena’s blogs, will offer readers a better understanding of the many facets of life with a physical disability while encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams and believe in endless possibilities.